Senator David Perdue visits South GA

Perdue on Federal Disaster Funding

ADEL, GA (WALB) - United States Senator David Perdue spoke out about how he has not forgotten South Georgia.

On Friday, Perdue attended a community fish fry in Adel with community members and community leaders.

At the fish fry, he spoke about his proposed disaster relief bill, border security and America being better than the elected officials in Washington right now.

Overall, Perdue said the people of South Georgia are why he visited the area.

“Even with the rain, we’ve had a fantastic turnout today. Of course, the catfish has a little bit to do with that but for me, it’s a breath of fresh air being around real people in the real world," said Perdue.

Senator Perdue said he wanted to get the encouragement and feedback of the people of South Georgia. He said it’s important for him to come back and stay in touch while continuing his work in Washington.

Border wall funding

The lingering effects of the government shutdown can be felt across the country because of the fight in Washington over the border wall.

Perdue spoke about what he called a global security crisis.

“They captured enough fentanyl along the southern border last year that would kill every man, woman and child in this country, y’all. This a full-blown attack on the United States perpetrated by the cartels of Mexico and people of China who are producing fentanyl," said Perdue.

Senator Perdue said we’re fighting a battle for the national security in our country.

Despite also saying that we are deep in a financial crisis as well, he shared the he supports the idea of a border wall.

“I 100 percent support the wall because over the last four presidents, every president has built border wall. We know in the places where wall has been built, that illegal crossing of the border, both drug and human trafficking goes down by 95 percent,” said Perdue.

The senator also shared that the he visited the border and witnessed the trafficking issue first-hand. He said that he is backing the president and is a part of the group continuing to fight the battle for wall funding.

Farmer disaster relief

As Hurricane Michael recovery continues, Perdue is hoping to provide relief for Georgians and other states impacted by recent natural disasters.

WALB spoke to Perdue about he and Senator Johnny Isakson’s plan to provide farmers with $3 billion in disaster relief.

“The disaster relief is coming to these farmers. There’s no question about that. The question is, after a four-month delay, why we can’t get it done right now," said Perdue.

After losing the relief funding in the passed budget, Perdue announced a disaster relief package a couple of weeks ago.

“Disaster relief money was actually in the appropriation bill and it got tied up in the controversy over border security," said Perdue.

Perdue said he doesn’t care how it got tied up and spoke about being frustrated because of how ridiculous it is that getting this relief for farmers has taken this long.

“If we don’t get this help right now to the farmers over there, they’re not going to be able to plant this season. They’ll lose an entire year after losing last year’s crop," said Perdue.

Perdue said that he hopes to have a vote on this package on Tuesday. He even cited a conversation he had with the president about making this happen.

“I’m very confident. One way or the other, this president said get this done so we’re going to get it done," said Perdue.

Perdue said that they’re fighting hard not to have any more delays.

“He doesn’t want any of these controversies inside congress to delay this issue right now. So, I’m very confident that it will get done. My hope is that we’ll get it out of the Senate this week, get it to the House and get the House to vote on it, that way we can get the money flowing," said Perdue.

Perdue even spoke about how the delay of relief funding is a perfect example of how broken Washington is right now.

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