Lee Co. kindergarten teacher reshapes learning

Chelsea Geiger produces a podcast with her students to advance learning.
Chelsea Geiger produces a podcast with her students to advance learning.
Updated: Feb. 26, 2019 at 8:02 PM EST
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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Lee County teacher is using podcasts to advance teaching in the classroom.

Chelsea Geiger, a Lee County Primary kindergarten teacher, uses a podcast as one of her teaching methods.

"We’ve been learning about math, ten plus three equals thirteen,” a student said.

Another student said they first learned about presidents and then about math.

“I tell my grown-ups at home that presidents really are great great,” another student said.

Math isn’t the only subject Geiger’s kindergarten class is learning on Fridays.

In "Geiger's Geniuses," the teacher's weekly podcast, her students learn about presidents, math, sciences and other topics they pick.

Students learn not only about academics but about technology, scripting and voice recording.

“It’s just something different that we can use instead of the classic pencil paper, things that you’d normally do in a kindergarten class and the kids love the fact that they get to have more of a part in it," Geiger said. "They pick what they want to say and it’s interesting to hear what they take from it. What they remember from the lesson that week.”

Geiger said using the podcast bridges the classroom with home and it’s “a different way of sharing with their grown-ups at home what their learning about at school and they can hear their classmates and they can play it."

“I think the parents have said they play it like a hundred times at home,” Geiger added. "They just like listening to it at home. So just something different.”

Geiger hopes this will be a long installment going forward.

To listen the podcast, click here.

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