Crews to clean up another illegal dumping site in Albany

Crews to clean another illegal dumping site in Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Tuesday morning crews will start cleaning up yet another site of illegal dumping in East Albany.

Albany Ward 1 Commissioner Jon Howard was notified of the site this weekend.

Piles of trash and debris fill alley ways and open lots off of Flo Drive.

Howard said there have been several cases of illegal dumping this year, and he is taking the matter seriously.

“If we don’t preserve mother nature, then when we continue to pollute like it it’s very disheartening. Because like I said it’s a combination of stuff that should just got to the landfill,” said Howard.

Howard said he wants the communities help in identifying the people dumping illegally, before more communities have to suffer.

He said he spoke with Code Enforcement Monday about the punishment illegal dumpers can face if caught.

We are told those people could face a $1,000 fine and community service hours.

We spoke with the the Superintendent of the Solid Waste Department in Albany about how much it would take to get this spot cleaned up.

“It’s going to take maybe probably two to three hours to get it cleaned it. It’ll be maybe a sway car and a half to get this picked up so that is about $107 a load,” said Michael Grier.

He said he hasn’t seen a dumping site to this magnitude.

There are days when the solid waste companies pick up debris, but they encourage people to take the right steps to dispose their items.

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