Thomasville father upset by car break-in as son trains for National Guard

Thomasville Car Break-in

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A father on Thomasville is frustrated at the disrespect his son has faced when his car was broken into outside of the Thomasville National Guard Armory.

Paul Gates said his son was away with his unit, training to protect his county and when he returned, he found that the car he was using and more than a dozen others were broken into.

“We just wish that this didn’t happen for an outfit like the National Guard, the people that are doing their job, trying to protect people and doing their training," said Gates.

Gates said that he’s very proud of his son, who is a Cook County deputy and a member of the National Guard. So he let his son use his car to travel for training.

“I own the car completely now, so we let him use it for taking trips, as far as long trips to Fort Stewart or in this case, he was going to Thomasville for National Guard weekend," said Gates.

Gates said that a couple of weeks ago, he was awaiting his son’s return when he got the call that his car had a busted window.

“He called us Sunday morning when he got back to the National Guard Armory in Thomasville where he’s stationed out of and said that his car had been broken into," explained Gates.

WALB spoke to his son off-camera and he said that more than 20 cars were broken into. He said nothing of his was taken, but his fellow troops lost some of their valuables.

“The biggest hassle was of course, now you have to see about getting the car window fixed. Did not know if insurance would cover it. In our case, it did so it didn’t cost us anything," said Gates.

Gates said that’s beyond the point. He said that he would think people would have more respect for someone doing this type of a job.

“What’s sad is the National Guard is assigned in emergencies, especially to protect the citizens of the state of Georgia. Well these citizens of the state of Georgia are the ones that are breaking into their vehicles," said Gates.

Gates said that he hopes the police are able to resolve the case and to return the property to the victims.

The Thomasville Police Department said that this case is active and ongoing.

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