Lee Co. hospital project leads to commercial developments

Lee Co. Medical Center Land Use

LEE COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Everything from new restaurants to a dog park could be on it’s way to Lee County.

It’s all part of the new commercial developments following construction of the new Lee County hospital.

The site will be at the former Grand Island Golf Course where not only a new hospital will stand, but new businesses will as well.

The 200 acre overgrown golf course will possibly be filled with a Target, Academy Sports, Fresh Market or Walgreens. Those are some of the suggestions Lee County Development Authority members have received.

“My vision, along with the county commission’s vision for the development around the hospital is to create a new sense of place like South Georgia has never experienced before.” said Winston Oxford, a development authority member. "It will be a mix use, upscale development.”

Site plans for the future Lee County Medical Center. Plans provided by The Lee County Development Authority.
Site plans for the future Lee County Medical Center. Plans provided by The Lee County Development Authority.

Oxford said the problem is convincing the companies that that their target audience is in Lee and surrounding counties.

People have a few suggestions like a gym and many others.

Grand Island resident Akash Patel has his own opinion on what he’d like to see.

“Like a nice high-end bar, something kind of classy. We don’t want to attract the wrong kind of crowd of people, but nice restaurants and some small shopping,” said Patel.

Safety is one of the concerns people living near Grand Island have with new commercial property development.

Some people are concerned about their property values, some believe it will go up and others are unsure.

“I’ve had a pre-sold that we’re building now in the middle of it already and we have another one," said Grand Island Property Owner Steven Glover. "The lady came out here already the other day, fell in love with the property and location. We’re seeing a lot of interest in people wanting me to build out here now for them. So kind of like a hidden gem.”

"Mainly we’re just concerned about the safety and property values of the houses here, that’s just it,” said Patel.

Oxford said there will be a buffer of 100 feet from residential properties before any construction will begin. He said that after the buffer, it’s likely parking lots and possible roads will be built.

The hospital itself will be around 300 to 400 feet from residential properties.

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