Unlocked cars causing spree of break-ins in Radium Springs area

Unlocked cars causing spree of break-ins in Radium Springs area

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After a spree of car break-ins and thefts in one area of Dougherty County, county police want to remind you to keep yourself protected and your doors locked.

WALB News 10 spoke with law enforcement about the uptick in cases, and why people in the Radium Springs area are wanting something done immediately.

Dougherty County Police said because people are leaving their doors unlocked, criminals are breaking into cars and not only taking things like cards and firearms, but they’re even taking medications.

It’s happening all over the county. Crooks are invading many people’s properties, taking things that are not theirs.

“Over the last six months to a year we’ve had numerous entering autos throughout the city of Albany as well as Dougherty County. And it all seems to tie back in with juveniles,” said Detective David Flick.

DCP said since January first, there’s been 10 cases.

A man who lives on Parrish Lane near Radium Springs said that’s way too many.

“It’s disturbing, but as far as fearful, I’m not because we have people like that in the community and they’re going to do things that are contrary to what should be done,” Walter Davis, resident.

This week alone there’s been five car break-ins and thefts, and most of those happened around Davis’ neighborhood. After 30 years of living in this neighborhood, Davis said it’s unusual.

“My children grew up in this neighborhood, and we never had an incident like this before,” said Davis.

Children and adults are taking checkbooks, cars, and even controlled substances.

“From what I understood it was hydrocodone which is a narcotic,” said Detective Flick.

A concern for Davis, as he believes they're happening due to the lack of lights and security.

“I wish we would have more patrolling of this neighborhood, more lights placed on the streets,” said Davis.

He also wants leaders to develop a plan to keep kids out of trouble.

“The city has not made it conducive for kids to do things after school. There’s nothing to get engaged in,” said Davis.

Since people are constantly forgetting about the safety of their property, Dougherty County Police are reminding folks when you get out of your car each day, make sure you take your keys with you and all of your valuables out of your car.

Once you shut the door, make sure you lock them to keep yourself safe.

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