Albany Chamber of Commerce honors Dougherty Co. STAR students

DOCO Star Student Honored

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - On Thursday, the Albany Chamber of Commerce honored Dougherty County STAR students.

A STAR student has a high SAT score and is in the top ten percent of his or her graduating class.

The STAR students awarded Thursday were Anaya Davis from Dougherty High School, Logan Clark from Deer-Windsor, Bevin Glanton from Monroe High School, Emma Warbington from Sherwood Christian Academy and Denzel Cunningham from Westover High School.

Barbara Rivera Holmes, the president and CEO of the Albany chamber, said this is an exciting time for these students and their families.

“The STAR student program recognizes students who are excelling academically throughout their schools and recognizes them throughout the counties and districts and the state. Anytime we can recognize excellence, we know that we are encouraging and uplifting and really telling the great stories of who our students are," said Holmes.

Cunningham, who is also a senior, was also named 2019 Dougherty County PAGE STAR Student. Each student also brought along a teacher that inspired and helped them academically.

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