Students smoking vapes on the rise

Students smoking vapes on the rise

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Lee County schools report three students in the last month needed medical attention after smoking vapes.

Educators said they are seeing vapes with extremely high levels of THC, one of the cannabis found in marijuana.

It may be the attraction of the smoke, or the flavor in the bottle.

“Vaping has been a problem with our teenagers especially,” said Lee County Assistant Superintendent Kevin Dowling.

It’s something Dowling said he will not tolerate.

“They need to understand you will face heavy discipline for doing something like this and at the same time I mean you can cause yourself a lot of harm and a lot of worry in a short amount of time," he explained.

There have been three cases of students getting medical attention while at school after smoking a vape in the last month.

The most recent was found to have a THC level of 84 percent.

“A lot of nicotine in those vapes. It’s a very concentrated amount and the kids they don’t seem to think that its all that dangerous,” he said.

He said cases are popping up all over the school district, both in middle and high schools.

“It’s illegal but somehow our kids are getting a hold of them and that is something that we really need to look into. Where are they getting this from and how,” said Dowling.

The school resource officers are investigating these cases, but are also asking for parents to help.

If you smell fruit like flavors on your kids clothing, there is a possibility it’s from a vape.

“We’ve got students that are vaping the middle school and that’s not good that’s something we are trying to prevent and trying to get parents aware," he said.

The students in those cases have recovered and are fine.

If you have any information on students using vapes in Lee County Schools, you are encouraged to contact the school board.

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