Sheriff’s office: Lee Co. sees over 60 accidents in January

Sheriff’s office: Lee Co. sees over 60 accidents in January

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Over 60 accidents were reported in Lee County, according to reports from the sheriff’s office.

Those numbers are from January alone and going forward, officers want to see them lowered.

Twenty-five of those accidents were caused by deer.

Major Danny McTyeire said a majority of the accidents are due to distracted driving.

McTyeire said road rage and losing sight of other drivers contribute to those accidents.

“Traveling at the ‘slow poke law,’ which is traveling in the left lane, slowing down traffic and it bottle necks traffic." McTyeire explained. "One, it makes people angry, two, it causes accidents because people are going to have to pass on the right and when that happens, people lose sight of you as you’re passing and going back weaving into traffic and that causes a lot of accidents also.”

Mctyeire wants to remind drivers of the rules of the road. He said you should keep a car length of distance for every 10 miles per hour you drive. So, if you’re going 60 miles an hour, remember to stay at six car lengths behind the other driver.

McTyeire said that 37 of those 60 January accidents were from drivers following too close.

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