Mandate requires hospitals to post prices

Hospital Public Pricing

TIFT CO., GA (WALB) - Hospitals must now publicly post online their pricing for all services they provide.

Some hospitals in Southwest Georgia have made the adjustments, but are concerned patients will be confused.

The mandate requires hospitals to post their prices in a machine readable format that people would download to view the spreadsheet.

We’re told that the government could be looking for transparency, but Tift Regional Hospital Officials said it isn’t the best way for people to find out what they are going to pay.

What’s listed doesn’t necessarily show the out of pocket expenses, or a list of procedures needed for that particular patient.

“We think the spirit of it is good and we think transparency is a good thing for our patients and our community. Our issue is maybe the format that we are required to post it in can be a little confusing for consumers, but we think the spirit of it is with good intention,” said Chris Efaw, VP of Outreach and Development at Tift Regional Medical Center.

He said hospitals also negotiate prices with insurance companies based on the number of patients brought to the table.

This mandate he said, also isn’t helpful for comparison between hospitals.

Hospital officials said the best way to find out how much you’ll be paying is by calling the hospital where you will receive the services.

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