Lee Co. searches for suspect in ATM theft

Lee Co. searches for suspect in ATM theft

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Lee County Sheriff’s deputies are searching for a suspect in an ATM theft that happened recently.

The sheriff’s office said the man made off with forty dollars on Valentine’s Day afternoon at the Walmart of Ledo Road.

This was after a customer made a withdrawl from the ATM and forgot to take the money, and the suspect was right behind him.

When the suspect was approached in the parking lot by the customer, he claimed he didn’t see any money.

“Just be careful and remember to get your money out of the ATM and be responsible with your money in that way,” said Investigator Brian Johnson.

In the state of Georgia there is a theft of lost or mislaid property law.

It says that any known lost or mislaid property must be turned in for a certain time period before it can be claimed by it’s finder.

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