Family seeks justice in son’s death at Albany nightclub

Family seeking justice for son's death

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The family of 25-year-old Travion Jones, who was killed outside an Albany nightclub, wants more answers.

This comes after eight men were recently indicted in this case, along with another suspect arrested.

Jones’ entire family is happy the eight men have been charged for the tragic incident outside the Sandtrap nightclub. They said it doesn’t stop there and they will push for justice until the very end.

Michael Wright and Jill Jones are the parents to Travion Jones who was killed in 2017 at the Sandtrap nightclub (Source: WALB)
Michael Wright and Jill Jones are the parents to Travion Jones who was killed in 2017 at the Sandtrap nightclub (Source: WALB)

“It’s really hard. It’s my first time coming on this premises before it happened and after it happened,” said Michael Wright, Jones’ father.

Jones’ father and his family still mourn the death of the 25-year-old who was shot and killed outside the Sandtrap in 2017.

“Knowing that he’s in a better place, but we wish he was here and it hurts to know that he’s not here,” said Wright.

Albany investigators said an incident inside the nightclub sparked a feud that led to the outside altercation, which ended with the shooting.

Dominique Davis, 29, surrendered to police and was charged with murder, but Jones’ family always felt there was more to the incident.

Dominique Davis (Source: Dougherty County Jail)
Dominique Davis (Source: Dougherty County Jail)

“Ever since that night and after I seen the video, we just been pushing for other people that was involved to get arrested,” said Wright.

Wright said police had video evidence showing other people played a part in the killing and he wanted them arrested too.

“It’s hard to see other guys was involved in that fight and wasn’t nobody arrested but one guy, even though it started inside the club and came outside,” explained Wright.

This week, Wright got more answers. Eight additional men were indicted and charged on six felony counts.


Watch the full, uncut interview between the family of Travion Jones and WALB’s Asia Wilson.

VIDEO: Family seeks justice in son's Albany nightclub death

But this family’s mission is still ongoing. They’re planning a “Stop the Gun Violence” fundraiser to spread awareness and raise money to take kids on trips and show them better actions than violence.

“Guns and knives is the ones taking lives, so stop it, please. That’s anywhere, especially to our community in Pelham, come together,” said Wright.

Their fight won’t stop, until justice is fully served.

“Now we’re just waiting to see the other part of it. Fighting in court, so they can get their sentence of what they’re supposed to get from doing what they done,” Wright said.

WALB spoke with Gilbert Udoto who is the owner of the Sandtrap. He didn’t want to go on camera but said he has more security and cameras to prevent this from happening.

Udoto also said the tragedy is unfortunate and he sympathizes with the family.

The eight men indicted

Eight men have been added to a murder investigation and charged with felony murder in the 2017 death of Jones.

Nine people in total are now facing charges felony murder in the case.

After further investigation, authorities are also charging:

  • Tremain McKnight
  • Stacy Frazier
  • DaQuan Moore
  • Ricardo Rhymes
  • Darius Wheeler
  • James Byrd
  • Derrick Lamar Jenkins 
  • Samuel Jenkins Jr. 

Each suspect is facing several felony charges including:

  • Count 1 felony murder
  • Count 2 aggravated assault
  • Count 3 possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime
  • Count 4 violation of street gang terrorism and prevention
  • Count 5 possession of a firearm by a convicted felon

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