Dougherty Co. School System calls for partnership to end city-wide crime

Dougherty County Schools calling for partnership to end city-wide crime

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty County School System Superintendent Kenneth Dyer is calling all organizations and community leaders to help battle gangs and violence in the area.

Dyer said they’re taking safety and battling gang activity very seriously and have been working with local and state leaders to improve protection measures across the board. He said violence and gangs are a problem, but they’re doing what they can to keep it at a halt.

Dyer said gang activity is at a steady rate throughout the city and some are students and some are not. To combat this, they’re working closely with law enforcement and leaders to detect, protect and prosecute individuals.sole·ly

Now Dyer is calling on parents, pastors and organizations to work together to help make an impact.

“To talk about the importance of staying away from gangs and give kids a healthy alternative to being in gangs. Increase recreational activities, increase enrichment activities, things like that go hand and hand with our other efforts to combat gang activity in our area,” explained Dyer.

Dyer also said it’s important that the community not rely solely on the school system and the police department to educate kids, that it’s going to take everyone.

The superintendent said they will continue to be proactive, but now they’re looking for collaborative approaches to solve the issue.

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