Attorney requests investigation be launched into select City of Thomasville officials

Attorney requests investigation be launched into select City of Thomasville officials

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thursday will mark two weeks since a grand jury indicted Thomasville Mayor Greg Hobbs.

Now, an attorney has called for an expanded investigation into Hobbs.

Hobbs was booked at the Thomas County jail and was released on his own recognizance shortly after.

A grand jury indicted him on six charges connected to forged payroll documents.

Hobbs’ role is currently in limbo as city leaders said he’ll be in office unless state officials remove him.

And after nearly a year of compiling information, the lawyer calling for an expanded investigation into Mayor Hobbs now wants the same for councilman David Hufstetler.

A lawyer representing a few concerned Thomasville residents has called upon Thomas County’s district attorney, Georgia’s attorney general and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation director to launch an investigation into what they said are Mayor Hobbs and Councilman Hufstetler’s continued abuses of power.

In a 237 page document, Chris Cohilas, representing the concerned residents, outlines the illegal activity he said is going on within the Thomasville city government.

Cohilas said that with the immense amount of evidence he’s collected, the state needs to pay more attention.

“There more certainty is an over abundant appearance of public corruption and misuse of public funds and a circumvention of all of Georgia’s transparency laws and open records laws,” said Cohilas.

Cohilas said Hobbs and Hufstetler carelessly spent tax payers’ dollars. He said his investigation has been hindered due to violations of open records laws.

“There are a lot of things that we still don’t know because we haven’t been provided all the public records that should’ve been provided,” explained Cohilas.

Which is why Cohilas argues that an investigation needs to follow his expansive report. He said the City of Thomasville will continue to suffer until corrective actions are made.

“The same issues keep repeating themselves and they center around public officials,” said Cohilas.

Cohilas said the first issue that came to his attention dates back to May, regarding Pinetree Boulevard.

City leaders told WALB they cannot comment on this matter.

Hufstetler holds firm that he has not violated his oath of office and he hopes these types of letters will soon cease so the city can move forward.

Mayor Hobbs could not be reached for comment.

WALB also reached out to GBI headquarters and have not heard back.

Cohilas said he isn’t sure when further action will be taken.

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