Albany Humane Society wants community’s help

Albany Humane Society wants community’s help

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Humane Society said you can be the key to its pregnant animals having successful births. They want you to foster the expecting mothers.

They have three pregnant dogs as of right now.

May Gillespie, with the Albany Humane Society, said having these pregnant dogs in the shelter isn’t good.

Gillespie said these dogs need to be fostered out so they can have a comfortable, quiet setting to give birth.

“When the moms come, most of them have had poor nutrition. They probably have never been to the vet and that means that the puppies may be still born or they’ll be malnourished, premature when they are born and if they give birth in a shelter environment, it is the worst because it is cold and noisy,” explained Gillespie.

Gilespie said that if you’re interested in fostering, you can stop by the Human Society or call (229) 888-7387.

The Albany Humane Society also is wanting the Albany community to come together and volunteer its time to help the animals.

The Humane Society said that it needs volunteers to come play, walk and make new furry friends.

Gillespie said that they have so many dogs and cats right now that it makes it difficult to walk and play with animals with just the staff.

Gillespie also said that with people coming out to volunteer, she has seen in the past, this helps find forever homes because the volunteers end up falling in love with the animal.

“We would love to have people come out here and walk the dogs. Just spend some time with them and love them. They can post them on their Facebook page just to try to get them adopted and to get them out of here," said Gillespie.

If you would like to volunteer, you can do that by stopping by the Albany Humane Society which is located at 1705 W Oakridge Drive.

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