Leaders in Pelham fight back to end violence

Pelham working to end violence

PELHAM, GA (WALB) - After several deadly shootings last year in Pelham, city leaders are working hard now to not have a repeat of similar incidents this year.

City Manager Craig Bennett and Police Chief Nealie McCormick said they’re taking proactive steps to keep the violence at a minimum.

They said they can’t do it alone and it will take not just this community, but efforts from the entire region.

Before two deadly shootings that killed three people last year, the city didn't have a death in the last six years.

Leaders said the city is and has been a safe place and they’re working to keep it that way.

This past Saturday, city and community leaders held a Black History Parade where over a dozen pastors and organizations talked about unity.

Officials said since criminals are traveling to multiple counties to commit crimes, they’re hoping a regional approach could take place to end violence all over Southwest Georgia.

“The police department alone can’t solve these kinds of issues. It takes a community as a whole to work towards those ends. Whether it’s here or anywhere,” said McCormick.

McCormick and Bennett said they will have stop the violence events in the coming months, they’ll continue going into schools for their Style Program all over the city and will monitor the streets around the clock to keep violence out.

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