Benefit fundraiser to help Baker Co.'s oldest church rise from the ashes

Musical fundraiser helping Newton

BAKER COUNTY, GA (WALB) - The Baker County community is working to restore its oldest church that a fire destroyed.

About 150 years of memories were stripped from Newton.

The Baker County community was devastated after a fire destroyed its oldest church.

But members of the community are making sure that Thankful Missionary Baptist Church will never be forgotten.

For 150 years, Thankful Baptist Church has stood in Baker County, welcoming all to join them in praise and worship.

But after a fire in December, many were afraid they might never find another place to give praise.

“Everybody was sad about it of course," said Thankful Baptist Deacon Willie B. Carter. "A lot of memories in that church, in that period of time.”

In their time of need, the community stepped up and offered a helping hand.

“We were able to find this place and it was just a blessing in itself,” said Carter.

Just a few months after the fire, Thankful Baptist is doing what it can to bring the church out of the ashes and hold a gospel music benefit fundraiser.

“Well it’s just the community coming together again to help us," said Carter. "Any funds come in, would naturally be a great help. We real grateful to those who are putting it on for us.”

Hoping to see their church restored to its former glory, once again.

“Everybody’s wanting to get back," said Carter. "Because, that’s their home church there.”

That fundraiser will be held March 2 at 3 p.m. to help the congregation with a fresh start.

The Newton community will host a Gospel Musical Fundraiser to help Thankful Baptist Church, the oldest church in the community, rebuild.

You may remember fire destoyed the building just before last Christmas.

The fundraiser is free, but they're asking you to give what you can to help rebuild the church back to it's former glory.

Performers will come from Albany, Bainbridge, Leary, and Florida.

All the money raised will go to help rebuild Thankful Baptist.

“It’s an effort. Getting the people to supply music and getting the people to come in," said coordinator Evangelist Jones, "choirs to come in. When we say benefit, when we say fundraiser, that’s exactly what it is. Not a charge, nobody charge. They come, they give it all they have.”

The gospel musical fundraiser is March second at three p-m at the East Baker Historical Society.

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