FL: Baby rescued from SUV after Pasco County inmates and deputies acted quickly

Inmates Free Baby FL

PASCO COUNTY (WWSB) - One child was recused out of an SUV by inmates and deputies in Pasco County.

On Thursday, a 1-year-old child was locked inside a SUV and a group of work release inmates acted quickly to save the child’s life.

The child’s father accidentally locked the keys in the car after the mother fastened their one-year-old daughter into the car seat and tossed the keys in the front seat.

After the father closed the back door, he realized the Chevy Tahoe was locked with the child in the car.

As the mother recorded the entire act of team work, deputies and inmates used a clothes hanger to unlock the door.

The incident occurred outside of the West Pasco Judicial Center.

According to reports, the child was not injured.

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