Competition inspires Sumter Co. students to learn about black history

Sorority hosts Black History competition

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - It was a trip back down memory lane for some students in Southwest Georgia Saturday night.

The Rho Sigma Omega chapter of AKA sorority hosted a black history competition at Sumter County Intermediate School.

Saturday night’s theme was from the “Cotton Club.”

The Cotton Club was a popular spot for African Americans during segregation.

The students did research from the 1920s to the 1970s.

From their research, the students presented dances, songs, art and poetry.

“We made some kids dig really deep tonight because this goes further than what they hear on the radio,” said Lakeia Taylor, sorority and committee member. “They had to go back and find songs to dance to and things that inspired them to paint and draw.”

The contest was part of AKA’s international five targets.

The committee that hosted Saturday’s competition was target four. Target four is geared towards the arts.

The winner for each category won a trophy and $100.

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