Rapper ’21 Savage’ booked into Liberty County Jail

Rapper ’21 Savage’ booked into Liberty County Jail

LIBERTY COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - Rapper, “21 Savage,” whose real name is Shayaa Joseph, was booked into the Liberty County Jail Friday morning.

Joseph was booked on theft by deception and released on his own recognizance.

Deputies say the arrest stemmed from an incident in 2016 when Savage entered into an agreement to do a concert in Liberty County, but the concert never happened, and a warrant for theft by deception was issued against him. After finding out about the warrant, Savage’s attorney’s contacted the sheriff’s office and made arrangements for the rapper to surrender himself.

Sadaetirs Smith says she paid 21 Savage $17,000 to perform. She spent another $20,000 setting up. She says he left before ever performing.

“All I was doing was making an honest living, and I hired him and this is what I get paid in return,” Smith said.

Smith says the financial impact of it all is closer to $50,000. People at the concert who were angry the rapper left confronted Smith and wanted their money back. She says she fired her gun in the air to disperse the crowd. The sheriff’s office charged her with three counts of aggravated assault.

“I’m very frustrated by all this. It seems like he’s more the victim than I am now,” Smith said. “Now that he’s in trouble, he needs me to get him out, but he put me into trouble.”

Smith got the warrant through the magistrate court. The sheriff’s office has been in contact with the rapper’s attorneys all week about the surrender, trying to keep it quiet, according to the sheriff.

“From what I’m gathering, he’s trying to face the past and what he’s done in the past, and get those things rectified and move on with life. I’m for a young man who’s trying to help himself,” said Sheriff Steve Sikes, Liberty County.

Smith says 21 Savage still hasn’t paid her back. She feels even $17,000 wouldn’t be enough, considering what she spent that night.

“It’s not going to be what he thinks it will be, like he can just come give me $17,000 because I got all these other expenses. I got lawyer expenses and everything because of that now,” Smith said.

The rapper has been in the spotlight lately after he was arrested earlier this month by immigration officials in Atlanta.

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