Go nuts: It’s National Almond Day

Go nuts: It’s National Almond Day
The cherished nut is celebrated every Feb. 16. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) – If you’re nuts about nuts, Saturday is a perfect day for you, because it’s National Almond Day.

Here are a few fun facts about almonds.

The nut is mentioned several times in both the New and Old Testament as a symbol of divine approval.

While roasted almonds are delicious, don’t eat them raw – the prussic acid (hydrogen cyanide) in them can kill you if you eat more than a handful.

In fact, you can tell if someone has been poisoned with cyanide if they smell like roasted almonds.

Almonds have you covered if you’ve got a sweet tooth: They’re one of the primary ingredients in marzipan.

Wash that goodness down with a tall glass of almond milk – which, yes, is made from delicious almonds.

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