City of Albany to hire outside engineer, work to prevent future sewage spills

Flint River Keeper Sewage Spill Reaction

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The city of Albany is taking a new approach to solve the city’s sewage system problem.

And this means hiring an outside engineering company to help put an end to any future sewage spills.

The company's purpose would be to look further than the problems with the city's lift stations.

They’ll look at the sewer system as a whole to try and stop any more sewage from leaking into the Flint River.

“Well I used to fish in the Flint,” said Marcus Harvey.

WALB asked him why he doesn’t anymore. He replied, “Because of the sewage spills.”

Harvey said he and his friends always used to go fishing in the Flint River.

“I usually eat what I catch, but I’d be scared to eat the fish,” said Harvey.

After months of back to back sewage spills in Albany, he said he doesn’t have any desire to even go near the river he once loved to spend time in.

“That’s a shame for the kids growing up because they’re not going to be able to enjoy the Flint,” Harvey said.

Even though the situation at the Flint may seem bleak right now, there may be a light at the end of this sewage tunnel we’re in after all.

“Figuring out the time budget and the money budget of what it’s going to take to fix this is something we have been pushing for and asking for for almost a year now,” said Gordon Rogers with The Flint Riverkeeper.

The Albany Utilities Board will recommend city commissioners hire an outside engineer, Constantine Engineering of Augusta, to come in and analyze the city’s sewer system as a whole. The goal is to try to figure out any and everything wrong with not just the lift stations but pipes, interceptors and anything that could lead to sewage spilling into the Flint.

“We’re just as interested in flooding as we are in the sewers themselves, and I think that’s absolutely true. It’s got to be looked at comprehensively,” said Rogers.

City commissioners will vote whether to hire the company at their next meeting February 26th.

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