T-SPLOST to be on special March 19 ballot

DOCO TSPLOST Vote passed

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - T-SPLOST will officially be on a special called ballot on March 19th.

This comes after months of discussions, town hall meetings and voting among Albany-Dougherty County leaders.

Residents will be able to vote yes or no for a new one cent sales tax increase.

The increase would fund transportation projects, like road and airport improvements.

TSPLOST will be on a special called March 19 ballot. (Source: WALB)
TSPLOST will be on a special called March 19 ballot. (Source: WALB)

If passed, officials estimate the tax would give the city and county $80 million to fund projects.

Leaders said this would also leave them with the money they would normally use for road repairs and other projects.

They said, for example, the city could use that funding to help with sewer system repairs.

“Certainly we need to make sure everyone has had an opportunity to be educated, ask questions. So what’s happening now is they’re going to have to do some research, soul searching to make a decision to vote it up or down,” said District 6 Commissioner Anthony Jones.

This will now go to the board of elections, where they will get everything together for the March 19 ballot.

T-SPLOST will be the only item on the ballot.

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