New alcohol ordinance in effect in Cairo

Cairo Alcohol Ordinance

CAIRO, GA (WALB) - A major change is coming to Cairo after city leaders approved a new alcohol ordinance Thursday.

Cairo city leaders and local business owners tell me they're very excited about this change.

They said it’s a great way to attract locals, and visitors to their downtown area.

The mayor said this creates the possibility for a big boom in business.

Cairo Mayor Booker Gainor said the level of restriction for serving and drinking alcohol can make or break a city’s downtown.

Cairo Mayor, Booker Gainor (Source: WALB)
Cairo Mayor, Booker Gainor (Source: WALB)

“Cities either boom or bust because of their downtown,” said Gainor.

The new ordinance will create designated areas downtown, and at the Grady Cultural Center where alcohol can be consumed outdoors during special events.

It also states what kind of restaurants can have sidewalk cafes where customers can drink alcohol outside.

Mayor Gainor said the new rules will benefit Cairo, just as it has for cities like Thomasville.

“The ones that are booming have these types of ordinance in place,” said Gainor.

Business owners, like Maria Vasquez with the Queen of Arts Studio in downtown Cairo, believe they will reap immediate benefits from the new alcohol rules.

Vasquez said this will allow her to attract more business with activities like ‘Paint and Sip’, where customers can drink wine while they paint. And Mayor Gainor agrees.

“It’s a great incentive for her business. So, she can go out and attract and market for people to come in and also enjoy this amenity,” said Gainor.

Gainor said the city’s goal is to keep progressing forward.

“We just want to do what our citizens want. There is a need and a push for the sale of alcohol on Sunday’s," said Gainor.

If you own a local business, or simply want to learn more about this ordinance, visit this website.

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