Dawson crews focus on repairs after Tuesday’s storm

Terrell Co. Cinderella Damage

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Many people told WALB their power was back Wednesday night, but some are still without internet and landline phone service after a storm came through Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday there were several power lines still down and laid across yards and streets.

Those on Cinderella Lane SE said their power was out for almost 10 hours after losing it Tuesday afternoon.

Dawson resident Butch Patterson described the wind’s power similar to what he experienced during Hurricane Michael.

“Reminded me of that. I though It could have been a mini tornado the way it came through and how heavy it was shaking the house, the windows and stuff flying through the yard like it did back then with the hurricane,” said Patterson.

Patterson said the winds and storm lasted about 10 minutes.

Debris, like tree limbs and paper, were found in Patterson’s yard afterwards.

Some home owners who use Windstream services are still experiencing internet and phone outages.

Dawson locals said Windstream staff told them coverage should return by Wednesday afternoon.

WALB reached out to Windstream’s corporate office for an update but we have not heard back from them yet.

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