Safe Haven laws expand, providing more safety for mothers

Safe Haven laws expand, providing more safety for mothers

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - The Hope Box officials said new amendments will allow them to better protect a mother and her baby.

When a mother is giving up her child, The Hope Box wants to ensure they’ll receive adequate care.

The Hope Box is training law enforcement agencies in Thomas County with new procedures and questions they need to ask when this occurs.

Mothers can now leave their child at any police department, fire station or hospital.

Sarah Koeppen, The Hope Box executive director, said it’s an anonymous facility for new mothers with at-risk infants.

However, Koeppen said she wants safe havens to be a last resort for mothers.

“When the Hope Box gets called we always ask, ‘Is there a reason you can’t parent, have you thought about adoption?’” Koeppen said. “And of course, if you insist on a safe haven, we will even go with you, we’ll walk you through that.”

With the safe haven laws, Koeppen said The Hope Box will ensure the mother and baby are protected.

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If you’d like to become a volunteer with The Hope Box, Koepenn said to contact

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