Meigs Police Department stretched thin after one officer resigns

City addresses police officer shortage

MEIGS, GA (WALB) - After a Meigs police officer was put on administrative leave and resigned shortly after, the department is stretched thin to make sure the city is constantly being monitored.

While they’re balancing the problems of being understaffed, they’re also diligently working to resolve this issue.

Meigs Police Chief Darrell Laster told WALB they’re accustomed to being understaffed.

So after one of their officers resigned, leaving only two officers to cover all of Meigs, he said residents shouldn’t worry... because they’ll be able to provide the same level of protection until they hire a replacement.

He told us he hopes to hire as many officers as possible. Laster said the officer put on administrative leave last week, resigned a few days later.

He told WALB he can’t disclose what events led to the officer’s resignation.

However, we spoke with Mayor Cheryl Walters to see how the city is addressing this issue. She tells me there are no plans to shut down the department.

Meigs Mayor, Cheryl Walters (Source: WALB)
Meigs Mayor, Cheryl Walters (Source: WALB)

“Meigs will be covered during the hours that are considered most needed. For example, there will be more time out on the streets, and less time in the office.”

Laster said they often receive additional help from the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office, so they will rely on them during this time too.

Walters said they will meet with all city employees this Friday at the Meigs Community Center.

Walters said the goal of the meeting is to establish an overall supervisor, so the issues that occurred at the police department won’t happen again, or at other city departments.

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