Lee Co. residents still up to their knees in water

Lee Co. residents still up to their knees in water

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Some homeowners in Lee County are still up to their knees in water after rain saturated their roads and properties.

“I need an immediate solution to get in and out of my house because I can’t keep driving in and out of that water,” exclaimed a concerned Lee County resident.

Temporary fixes will no longer do for community member in Lee County who have fallen victim to flood waters, covering roads and property.

County commissioners talked resolution in Tuesday’s meeting, yet nothing concrete decided.

“We’ve identified the projects, we just don’t know what the solutions are,” Commission Chairman Bill Mathis.

Mathis said there is simply nowhere for the water to go.

Retention ponds are full and several land owners have refused to offer ground for routing.

“We like for people to be good neighbors, so we’d urge people to be good neighbors when they can,” stated Mathis.

But without help, there is no refuge in sight for some areas.

“That’s the big challenge we have, the water has to go somewhere, so we gotta pump it from one place to another. Some places we don’t have another place to pump to,” explained Mathis.

One land owner on North Doublegate has agreed for his property to be used for piping, and that project is set to start in coming days.

“The adjourning landowner was very nice and said you’re welcome to run these pipes through my property and do whatever you need to do--that’s the kind of folks we want,” concluded Mathis.

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