Children’s Miracle Network President and CEO visits Phoebe

Children’s Miracle Network President and CEO visits Phoebe

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital had a special guest Tuesday on the main campus.

John Lauck, the President and CEO of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN), visited Phoebe for the first time.

During his time at Phoebe, he got a tour of the hospital and a firsthand look at the impact the CMN funds are making in Southwest Georgia.

Lauck said he wants to encourage the community to continue to give to Phoebe so that they can continue performing lifesaving work every day to its littlest patients.

“It is all of our responsibilities in every community that we have to make sure that we are making those critical donations that are going to make the difference. It might be our child or our neighbor’s child, or grandchild that is affected so we need to step up,” said Lauck.

Lauck said he was very impressed with his visit and with all the incredible doctors and nurses.

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