Worth Co. servicemen recognized at banquet

Worth County servicemen recognized in banquet

POULAN, GA (WALB) - The public servicemen and women of Worth County were recognized Monday night for their efforts every day, and especially after Hurricane Michael.

Hosted by the Ladies of Public Safety, 25 awards were given to an employee from every department of public safety from Worth County.

Those ladies are made up of daughters, wives, and mothers of public servants.

They also recognized two businesses they said helped out tremendously during Hurricane Michael.

“All of public safety is one big family. It’s not this one does more than that one. They are all equally important and when a public safety as a spouse when they leave the house, you don’t ever know if they are coming home or not, so it’s just very important for us to take care of the ones who take care of us,” said Betty Dorsey, the President of Worth County Ladies of Public Safety Auxiliary.

Betty Dorsey. (Source: WALB)
Betty Dorsey. (Source: WALB)

The group cooks during catastrophes and for public serviceman regularly.

We are told they fed about 150 people at Monday’s banquet.

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