Americus Police: Suspect stole car battery from business

Americus Buisness battery theft

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Americus police are searching for a suspect who they said stole the battery out of the Americus Bargains and Treasures delivery truck.

It happened early Friday morning and was captured on video.

The owner of the store is offering a free pillow top mattress to anyone who helps bring in the suspect.

Though the owner has replaced the battery, he said now it’s about the principal.

It’s a case Americus Police said is the first in a long time.

“It is professional and honestly he even has the tools to take the battery off I mean come on,” said Yamen Ounalli, the store owner.

He replayed the surveillance video from Friday that shows a man stealing the battery out of his businesses delivery truck.

“He looks like he’s ready because he has all the equipment just to open the battery and take it off,” he said.

Ounalli said in his 12 years working in Americus, he’s never had an issue.

He does fault himself for leaving the truck open.

“If anybody would come and steal from your property, it’s not normal, that’s how I call it,” he explained.

Americus Police said it’s a possibility the suspect could pawn the battery for money.

The owner was forced to buy another battery the same day.

“It’s a delivery truck actually so we need it so bad, we have to have it always just running,” said Ounalli.

Yamen Ounalli. (Source: WALB)
Yamen Ounalli. (Source: WALB)

He said police did get finger prints from the truck, but wants to help them out more by offering a free mattress to whoever helps bring the suspect in.

“The point is just to find him to do the right thing because he did it for me today, he will do it for someone else tomorrow,” he said.

If you have any information on the suspect in this video, you are asked to call the Americus Police Department at (229) 924-3677

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