Adel family fights to raise thousands for toddler with deadly heart condition

Adel family fights to raise thousands for toddler with deadly heart condition

ADEL, GA (WALB) - A South Georgia family needs to raise $13,500 to help their toddler, who suffers from a deadly heart condition.

Samuel Leverett, or as most call him “Samuel the Cardiac Warrior,” was born with three heart conditions.

At just six days old, he went in for surgery.

“The pulmonary veins that go to the lungs end up closing off and there’s no oxygen, oxygenated blood getting to the body,” Kristen Leverett, Samuel’s mother, said.

After surgery he developed an even deadlier heart condition — pulmonary stenosis.

It causes fast breathing, he actually will turn blue, very lethargic,"
Kristen said

Now, he’s on oxygen and because he’s sensitive to germs, the one-year-old can only go outside for doctor visits.

But it doesn’t end there.

“Samuel ended up this year having seizures from brain damage that had occurred somewhere while he was in the hospital during his five month stint,” Kristen said.

The family wants to get a service dog. Samuel’s parents said they have to get the money before the end of April.

We actually got a final cost on her $13,500 — more than a car,"
Kristen said.

The family is fundraising by selling crochet blankets and cook books.

“He could get sick, he could get a head cold and start having seizures again, which would in turn cause him to turn blue and not breathe,” Kristen said.

The family hopes the service dog would be the epitome of “man’s best friend.”

The dog would help at least try to alert before a seizure happened,” 
Kristen said.

Samuel’s parents said the disease is hard on their marriage — putting a strain on them mentally and physically — but they aren’t giving up each other and definitely not their son.

“But we’ve also spoken with the trainer about alerting before Samuel throws up which happens two, three times a day,” Kristen said.

Samuel’s heart condition is permanent, the family pointed out, but he may be off oxygen around five or six years old.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account. You can also find their Facebook page here.

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