Thomas Co. law enforcement urges caution after social media meet up goes wrong

Cairo False imprisonment

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - Thomas County law enforcement officials want to urge everyone to be careful about who you trust on social media.

This warning comes after an 18-year-old Cairo teen was taken by a man she met online.

That young woman was found safe Wednesday and the suspect is now behind bars.

After the “meet and greet” went wrong, deputies said Roger Jackson is now facing multiple charges in two counties.

Investigators said there are many steps you can take to keep you and your loved one safe.

First, they said always approach with caution when meeting people through social media.

Thomas County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Tim Watkins said you can never be too cautious when meeting someone new.

“Always be very cautious about meeting anyone, anywhere, anytime that you’ve never seen before," said Watkins.

Watkins said whether it’s a friend or someone new, he urges you to let others know your plans, just in case something goes wrong.

“Informing someone of where you will be, your plans, meet time and a return time, that way if something happens to you, they know to start looking for you," said Watkins.

Investigators encourage this method even though they know something bad doesn’t always happen in these scenarios.

They said it’s a good rule of thumb to make sure others are aware of your plans just in case something bad happens.

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