Pastor forgives men charged with stealing from his church

Douglas Church Break ins

DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) - When Pastor Matthew McEachern started building his new fellowship hall, he noticed some of his construction tools started to disappear.

“I think the first thing that went missing over there was my nail gun, and about three days later my air compressor,” said McEachern.

Things like an old saw continued to go missing for about a month before he installed a camera.

Deputies investigated the burglary at Cornerstone Church Feb. 1 and 4.

McEachern said the door was unlocked, so two men walked right into the camera view.

“About 10:40 that evening, the alert went off actually on my, on my watch,” said McEachern.

Coffee County Sheriff’s Office arrested David Luke Adams, 40, and Theodore Benjamin Watson, 33, for burglary.

McEachern said the camera lets him know when there’s movement in the fellowship hall, so he was listening and watching the men on his gadgets while he was at home with his wife.

Some of the tools have been replaced but the other stolen tools cost about $2,000.

“And this can be a bad spot in their life but it can also be the turning point, and they don’t have to be this anymore,” said McEachern.

McEachern said at first he was angry. But after praying about it he said, “I fully intend at some point to try to visit them and let em know, let em know, we forgive them.”

He practices what he preaches to the 120 members at his church.

"[Would you invite them to a service?] Absolutely, absolutely, I would invite them to a service,” said McEachern. “Not only would we invite them to a service we would embrace them when they were here.”

If you would like to help this church you can send mail to the following address:

Cornerstone Church

P.O. Box 2786

Douglas, GA 31534

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