How you can prepare for severe weather

Crisp Co. Severe Weather Preparedness

CRISP COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Officials in South Georgia observed Severe Weather Preparedness Week by posting several tips on social media.

Deputies said they worked with Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security to provide weather related information every day this week.

Law enforcement said it’s important to know the difference between a severe weather warning and a watch.

A watch means conditions are favorable for storms and a warning means a storm has been spotted.

Deputies posted information about thunderstorms, lightening and tornadoes, in light of the recent natural disasters that hit the area.

“We want to remind the citizens to stay on top of this information ahead of time, go indoors, get into an interior space and have a method to stay informed,” said Haley Wade, the public information officer for the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office. “Really in any significant weather event information is power.”

Crisp County officials also want you to know about Code Red.

Deputies said you can register for Code Red and this system sends alerts based on if you’re in an area of impact.

To find out how you can register for Code Red, click here.

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