7 Deep: Lady Titans strength is not numbers

the Albany Tech women’s basketball team is hustling with a limited roster

Albany Tech women's basketball update

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Tech women are playing a bit shorthanded this season.

Injuries and dismissals have the Lady Titans roster down to 7 players.

It’s the fewest Kenneth Williams has dealt with in his time as a coach, but its pulling the team closer as they near the region tournament.

“Of course I’m not liking our team to Uconn, but Uconn plays 8 or 7 people a lot of times and they’ve won multiple national championships so it can be done. It’s not an excuse," said Williams.

It’s an adjustment for the players as well.

“It’s just me, getting in shape and running up the floor and getting used to it. It’s a lot though,” said freshman guard Alissa Jones.

Albany Tech hits the court next this Saturday at Central Georgia Tech..

Their next home game is sophomore night next Wednesday.

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