’Called to Care’ makes call for foster parents in Worth County

Worth Co. Foster Families Needed

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - There aren’t enough homes to house all of the foster children in Worth County.

As a result, siblings are being separated and sent to different counties across the state.

“Called to Care,” a foster care support group, told WALB the biggest reason parents are hesitant to foster kids is because they’re scared of getting too attached.

Kelly McCord and Jason Sandlin of Called to Care. (Source: WALB)
Kelly McCord and Jason Sandlin of Called to Care. (Source: WALB)

This attachment however, is exactly what the more than 70 children in the Worth County system need the most.

“These kids are going to other places, being placed and it’s kind of sad because they don’t want to be separated from their siblings,” said Kelly McCord, Called to Care director.

Once separated, McCord pointed out, brothers and sisters may only see each other once a month in the playroom of a church.

“They’re separated in different homes because we don’t have enough foster homes, so when we meet, they kind of get to see each other, you know,” McCord said.

Not only are the children placed in different homes, they’re sometimes placed in different counties across the state. And if they aren’t in Worth County anymore, they aren’t able to go to the monthly meetings, meaning they aren’t able to see their siblings at all.

Which is why McCord became involved with Called to Care.

“We support them with loving on them and showing them God’s way, you know, instead of them doing it by themselves, we come along beside them and support them,” McCord said.

Called to Care recognizes the great need for foster parents in the county.

“These children need you to attach to them. They probably haven’t had that attachment,” said Jason Sandlin with Called to Care.

McCord and Called to Care want to bring awareness to the growing need — a need of not just placing kids in homes, but a need of families and, as the group is so aptly named, a need of care.

“Love them. It’s just part of our basic necessities to grow,” Sandlin said.

If you want to to help out, Called to Care is selling $5 raffle tickets for a signed Zac Brown Band guitar.

For more information, such as how to donate, click here.

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