Albany shooting victim speaks out after near-death experience

Whispering Pines Shooting Reaction

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany police need help from the community in finding a man who broke into an apartment at The Garden’s on Whispering Pines Road and shot a man during an attempted armed robbery Wednesday.

Willis Brooks, 47, who was shot, is pleading for officers to find the gunman immediately.

Brooks is furious and shocked that the man who shot him could be armed and on the run after he said his life almost ended.

“I didn’t really know I was shot until I felt a little blood dripping down the side of my face. That’s when I knew I was shot,” said Brooks.

Brooks was shot inside an apartment at The Gardens on Whispering Pines Road. A terrifying experience he has been replaying in his head since the incident Wednesday afternoon.

“I told him I didn’t have nothing and I kept telling him I don’t have nothing,” explained Brooks.

According to Albany police, a suspect kicked in the door with a gun and demanded money before pulling the trigger.

“Begging for my life and he shot and scraped my head a little bit,” Brooks said.

A bullet grazing the top of his head, fired by a man he had never seen before.

And just a few days before, he told a neighbor he was in need of a car. That’s when the gunman broke into the home and claimed he had a car for sell and demanded the money for it.

“He wanted me to ride with him to get the car. I told him, ‘Naw, you bring the car back to me,'” said Brooks.

Brooks told the gunman no, a decision that almost ended his life.

Two other people were also inside the home.

“He could’ve shot all three of us. It just so happened he got scared when he shot the gun, he took off,” said Brooks.

Larry Benard, Brooks’ close friend, said the area is usually quiet. That was until the gunman, who is now on the run, tried to sell a car he possibly didn’t have.

“All that needs to end. All that trying to rob folks and stuff. Go get you some money, your own money. Everybody needs to be on their growth and development,” said Benard.

Although Brooks is okay, he is just glad to be alive to give this plea to the community.

“Be careful about who you fool with buying a car. Everybody that’s called got a car for sell, they ain’t right. You got to be careful who you buying from,” said Brooks.

Officers said they are actively looking for the suspect who could be driving a gray Chevy Equinox, which was the vehicle he was seen leaving the scene in.

If you have any information that may help police with this case, you’re asked to call Albany CrimeSTOPPERS at (229) 436-TIPS.

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