Valdosta focuses on importance of 2020 census

Valdosta 2020 Census Preps

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - With the 2020 census collection around the corner, Valdosta officials want to remind everyone that this census could affect the well-being of the city.

This is an important process because it identifies how many people reside in your town.

This year, the count is especially important because officials said the growth of the city could mean added funding from the federal government.

According to the mayor, the city is expecting the count to reveal that Valdosta has well over 60,000 people.

“That’s a growth of seven to 10,000 people in the last 10 years. I think in 2010, our census revealed about 54,000, a little bit more than 54,000, so that increase will provide us with some federal fund that we are desperately in need of," said Valdosta Mayor John Gayle.

Officials said that a census postcard should arrive by mail for completion and return mailing.

If you don’t not complete that postcard, then census workers will be knocking on doors.

Census collection is set to begin in March of 2020 and last until summer.

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