Terrell Co. battles bats in the courthouse

Terrell Co. battles bats in the courthouse

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Nearly four months after Hurricane Michael ripped through Southwest Georgia, the Terrell County Courthouse is still recovering.

Since the courthouse was damaged by the storm, bats have found their way inside the building.

“The majority of them are in the room where the clock mechanism is. You can see them hanging on the walls, see them on the floors. They eventually work their way down to the first floor,” said Janice Bryant, the Terrell County Courthouse clerk.

Bryant said holes in the courthouse roof have invited bats inside.

(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)

Now she is starting to see bat droppings throughout the courthouse.

“I know with the water coming down, some of those droppings are coming down with it. For health reasons is the biggest concern. I have two employees that work for me. I am concerned for them, myself and the public,” said Bryant.

Bryant said that due to the water and bats inside the courthouse, she is concerned the county’s records could be impacted.

“It is my responsibility to take care of those records and if it gets any worse, and it does every time it rains, there is a wet spot somewhere else. I am afraid it is eventually going to get to my records," said Bryant.

The county commissioners are discussing what they are going to do next in order to get the bats out and how to get the Terrell County Courthouse repaired.

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