Chehaw welcomes new contract with Army Corps of Engineers

Chehaw funding Planning

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - There is exciting news coming to Chehaw.

The park will be the new site where the Army Corps of Engineers will store wood chips and mulch needed after Hurricane Michael.

The contract will also allow Chehaw to use the chips and mulch in areas of the park destroyed by the Hurricane.

But the contract to store the mulch is a big financial gain for the park, as well.

“For us, cash flow is certainly a problem every single month, so adding a little bit of revenue to the process, even it is a one time hit, is tremendous for us,” said Executive Director Don Meeks.

The Corps will be bringing the mulch this Friday.

Once it gets there and Chehaw leaders know how much they’ll be storing, they’ll know how much money they’ll be bringing in.

A group of volunteers and concerned citizens are meeting Wednesday night to discuss ways to raise money for Chehaw, as well and you’re invited to join them.

The Friends of Chehaw is a support group for the park.

They hold monthly meetings to plan fundraising events for Chehaw, which is desperately in need of funding, especially after Hurricane Michael.

The group hosted the Muckalee Arts Festival and Paws with Clause events.

“They’re working hard to try and create a connection back to the community and grow support for the park,” said Meeks.

The meeting will be Wednesday night at 6:30 at Chehaw’s Creekside Center.

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