Westover’s Trenton Brown crowned Super Bowl champ

The Patriots Left Tackle started in New England’s Super Bowl LIII victory

Westover’s Trenton Brown crowned Super Bowl champ
Trneton Brown posing with his family after Super Bowl LIII (Source: Reginald Brown)

(WALB) - No matter who you were rooting for in Super Bowl LIII, it’s tough not to be proud for one young man.

Trenton Brown’s efforts in the trenches helped etch his name into history as one of 5 men from Albany to ever win a Super Bowl.

The New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 Sunday night in Atlanta.

It was the lowest scoring Super Bowl in decades, but the result made many in the Good Life City proud.

Trenton Brown is the first ever world champion that graduated from Westover High School.

He's had a long road to the mountain top.

Brown’s made two stops at each level. He went to Deerfield-Windsor and Westover High.

He played college ball at Georgia Military College and the University of Florida.

And after being drafted in the 7th round by the 49ers, he was traded to the patriots last April. Now he was crowned a champ in his home state.

Albany High’s Bart Oates has the most titles from Dougherty County with three.

Dougherty High’s Donald Laster won one with the Washington Redskins.

Monroe has two super bowl champs in Deion Branch and Ricardo Lockette, and Branch is the only one to win Super Bowl MVP.

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