Grady County officials working to correct garbage issues

Grady Co. officials work to solve garbage complaints

GRADY CO., GA (WALB) - After the closing of the Cairo landfill, Grady County residents say overflowing trash is becoming a big problem.

County officials said they’re taking action to keep the county clean.

There used to be more than 30 garbage sites across Grady County but county leaders say there’ll only be seven locations soon.

Despite the steep decline, they said each site will be manned, eliminating the eye sore of overflowing trash.

“There is going to be a little more inconvenience. Some residents are going to have to drive a little further to get to a site to dump their garbage,” said Grady County Road Department Superintendent, Stanley Elkins.

Stanley Elkins, Grady County Road Department Superintendent (Source: WALB)
Stanley Elkins, Grady County Road Department Superintendent (Source: WALB)

Elkins said if the drive to the garbage site is too far, you can hire a private contractor.

He said by doing this your trash can be picked up at your house.

"Garbage ain’t a real nice thing you know, but we’re trying to make it the best it can be,” said Elkins.

Elkins said they’re hiring more than 20 part-time employees for the seven sites.

Even though it'll take over a year to construct all seven, they'll hire people as each location is finished.

He also said that students at the Cairo High School will help build one site.

"Students there are probably going to be the ones to build us the building that the tenants will stay in at the sight,” said Elkins.

He said having nice, manned facilities will minimize the problems they’re currently facing.

“People come up there and dump garbage at anytime day or night. They don’t dump their garbage in the can, the cans will just be empty and they’ll dump it on the ground,” said Elkins.

Elkins said having manned sites provides them the opportunity to include recycling bins at the center in the future.

Elkins said this process will take a while, because currently in some areas, like Whigham, they don’t have a location available for a manned facility.

So he asks that residents remain patient while they work to resolve these issues.

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