Ward by Ward: Albany officials work to replace streetlights

Albany crews replace 800 streetlight fixtures

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -Albany crews have started their streetlight replacement project, weeks ahead of schedule.

Ward Fixtures replaced Total fixtures
Ward 1 156 1,586
Ward 2 141 2,072
Ward 3 243 3,019
Ward 4 82 2,515
Ward 5 54 1,186
Ward 6 120 1,250

Crews are going ward by ward to replace light fixtures now.

So far, they have replaced almost 800 fixtures out of close to 12,000 fixtures.

This is part of the city's three point five million dollar project to replace and repair streetlights throughout the whole city.

Crews were set to start sometime later this month, but City Manager, Sharon Subadan, said the city couldn’t afford to be left in the dark any longer.

“But we felt like the light situation was so dire, it was important to move forward with it and I’m glad we did,” said Subadan.

Crews expect to complete the entire project by the end of this summer.

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