Meigs man suspected of robbing same store twice in 10 years

Meigs man suspected of robbing same store twice in 10 years
Fitzgerald Mitchell

MEIGS, GA (WALB) - Investigators confirmed Friday that a man, now behind bars, who is charged with robbing a Meigs store at gunpoint in December 2018, also robbed the same store 10 years earlier.

Fitzgerald Mitchell, 52, is being held in the Thomas County Justice Center without bond on charges of aggravated assault and armed robbery.

It’s in connection to the robbery of Aden’s Mini Market in the 3000 block of E. Depot Street on December 26, 2018.

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The Thomas County Superior Court Clerk’s Office confirmed that a jury found Mitchell guilty of robbing the same store back in December of 2009.

That robbery happened in September 2008, according to a Thomas County Sheriff's Office report.

In the 2008 case, Mitchell had initially been charged with armed robbery and kidnapping.

The jury found him guilty of a downgraded charge of robbery by force.

At the time, he was sentenced to 14 months (counting time served) in the Thomas County Jail, plus 15 years of probation and a $2,000 fine.

Mitchell was out of jail on probation for that crime, when the second robbery happened at Aden's Mini Market in December 2018.

Thomas County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Steve Jones told WALB Friday that he believes it is rare for someone to commit a violent crime like this in the same place twice.

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