Crisp County Sheriff’s Office hosts film about slain deputy

Film Discusses Deputys Death

CRISP CO., GA (WALB) - The silence was thick in the auditorium at Crisp County Middle School Friday night.

Eyes were glued to the screen as people watched ‘Dinkheller’, showing Laurens County Deputy Kyle Dinkheller fighting for his life on dash cam video.

The Crisp County Sheriff’s Office hosted the documentary’s screening.

“He’s screaming for his life and he’s screaming for back up to get there,” said Haley Wade, Crisp County Sheriff’s Office PIO.

In 1998, investigators say Deputy Dinkheller was killed after pulling over a veteran, Andrew Brannan, outside of Dublin.

In the days before his execution, Brannan’s lawyers said he suffered from PTSD after serving in the Army.

When they got word of the film in the works about Dinkheller’s death, Crisp County deputies reached out to the filmmaker to bring this heart wrenching story to Southwest Georgia.

“Crisp County Sheriff’s Office actually worked in Laurens County to help their sheriff’s office during this time,” said Wade.

The dash cam video has been seen around the world and used for law enforcement training, but the filmmaker and former Atlanta police officer Patrick Shaver says it came at a cost.

“For years and years there have been rumors spread about him. About him being some kind of a hard charger or getting in trouble for use of force or for some variation of that topic,” said Shaver. “My goal is to bring his humanity back to show who he was as a person.”

Deputy Dinkheller’s wife was pregnant with their son when he was killed, so he never got to meet his second child.

Dinkheller’s father Kirk Dinkheller, says he is pleased with the outcome of the film.

“I show Kyle’s video, his dash cam video to academy classes, law enforcement agencies for the last 21 years so, I don’t need to see it to remember it; I live it every day,” said Kirk.

A press release from the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office says Andrew Brannan was executed by lethal injection in 2015.

Deputies say Dinkheller was 22 years old when he died, and had worked in law enforcement for 4 years.

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