Westover host senior night after hurricane Michael

Westover host senior night after hurricane Michael
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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Westover Patriots had to put their senior night on hold after the destruction of hurricane Michael.

Knowing how important senior night is to these athletes, the community pulled together, and made it happen.

14 senior Patriots football players got their well deserved recognition for their years of victories.

The chance to walk down with their loved ones in a football setting, made this night all that much sweeter.

Head coach Olten Downs said he is happy to see his seniors get the recognition they deserved.

“Well you know for us, senior night was canceled due to the hurricane," said Olten. "Something that all kids kind of look forward to. A night that they had taken from them, because of the hurricane. Just glad that they could kind of relive that moment. It’s not the same, but just to kind of be honored and have that special time to themselves is kind of what we trying to recreate tonight with our football banquet.”

Congratulations to those young players and we wish them well on their futures.

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