Cordele police investigate string of vehicle break-ins

Cordele PD Car Break ins

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Police in Southwest Georgia are looking for those responsible for breaking into more than 20 vehicles and stealing guns and several items.

Police in Cordele said that the majority of the auto break-ins are happening in the southeast part of the city.

There were just six car break-ins around this time in 2018, but this year, officers said that number has jumped to 25 in 2019.

Cordele police said the thefts happened over the last few months, but a majority of them happened in January.

Officers said some local businesses have been affected by the break-ins and some vehicles were broken into during the middle of the day.

Police said the suspect is running off with guns, laptops and other valuables that can be seen in vehicles.

Right now, police have stepped up patrols in the city as part of their investigation, but they’re asking the community to lock their doors, get their valuables out of their vehicles and be on the lookout.

“That’s a lot to have to investigate, but it tells us that the person or persons that are entering autos are not just a crime of opportunity but it’s more of a concerted effort, they’re actually trying to go out and steal,” said Admin Lt. Andrew Roufs, the public information officer with the Cordele Police Department.

Investigators said that if you’ve recently purchased an expensive item at a really low price, it could be stolen from one of the reported car break-ins.

Police said a lot of times, people that live in these areas see things that are out of the ordinary but they don’t report it. So, if you see anything that could help, you’re asked to contact Cordele police.

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