Brunel’s No. 22 retired at Lanier County

Gracie Brunel is the all-time leading scorer in Lady Dawgs program hisotry

Gracie Brunel gets her jersey retired

LAKELAND, GA (WALB) - Lanier County’s 5 foot 5 guard Gracie Brunel may seem unassuming, but with a basketball in her hands she’s unrelenting.

She’s second in the state in points per game, and first in the hearts of fans in Lakeland.

This is Gracie Brunel's final season at Lanier County, but her jersey will be in the house for as long as the house stands.

“It was definitely a shocker,” said Brunel.

Her number 22 jersey hangs in the rafters.

The senior guard is the all-time leading scorer in program history with over 1,500 and counting.

Honoring the senior this past weekend was a no-brainier for head coach Ty Randolph.

“Some of the stuff she (does) sometimes pretty much blows my mind,” said Randolph.

And that’s coming from a former Harlem Globetrotter.

Randolph and Brunel have built a bond that began with the respect he has for her game, and the respect she has for his ability to coach.

“He’s definitely like a second father," said Brunel. "Ever since I came to the school he saw something in me.”

Brunel is averaging 27.5 points per game, which is 2nd in the state of Georgia. With a couple games to go, you better believe she's working to become first.

“Staying in the gym working every day first block and after school,” said Brunel.

“Yesterday I was in class and going over some film, she told me she was studying but I actually saw her working on a few key free throw techniques,” said Randolph.

And that work ethic carries over to the classroom.

“I’ve seen her many times come back and she just didn’t master a concept and she’d want to do it again and just try until she could completely master something,” said Brunel’s social studies teacher Brian Sirmans.

It's clear she's mastered getting buckets at the high school level. And Coach Randolph forecasts even brighter days ahead.

“Most nights she’s going to see anywhere from a double to a triple team. So once she gets to college she’s going to be in heaven when it comes to understanding playing against just a single defender,” said Randolph.

And Brunel plans on finding out.

“I really just want to get my major and maybe get to the WNBA.”

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