Seminole Co. residents still recovering from Hurricane Michael

Seminole Co. Recovery Update

DONALSONVILLE, GA (WALB) - Seminole County is one of the areas suffering the most damage from Hurricane Michael in Southwest Georgia.

Hundreds of families are still recovering months later.

As we near the three month mark post Hurricane Michael, dozens of homes still have trees in their roofs or tarps on their roofs.

Many people said it’s tough to see so many struggling to get their lives back to normal.

Jean Mosley, who lives in the area, said she feels blessed that there is minimal damage to her house, but worries about how long they’ll be in recovery mode.

“We would like for things to be normal, but it’s going to be many years before things are back to normal," said Mosley.

Mosley said that since October, she’s been amazed at the amount of volunteers who have come to Donalsonville to offer their help with clearing storm debris.

And in these past few months, county management said tremendous efforts have been made to restore the community.

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